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完整版本: Very Slow Upload Speed!
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I'm seeding two torrents currently, but I found that no matter how I increase the upload speed in uTorrent, say, from 30k to 100k, the upload speed as shown in uTorrent of those torrents are only 1-2k. Even if I only stop all downloads and only do upload tasks, the results are the same.

I'm using 3M ADSL.

Can anbody help me, as I'm trying to increase my ratio to 0.4, but if I continue like this, I can never get to the ratio?

Appreciate your help.
After studying your profile I must say that your strategy is totally wrong and I am wondering if you have ever followed the advice from others.

You started early here, 1st of April. You have the same connection status as me; we are in the same area and are using the same ISP, same connection plan. But I have uploaded more than 100G and you have only uploaded 17.39G. You say you can only upload at a speed of 1-2k and I am constantly uploading at full speed of 40-60k. So what's the cause?

Not seeding long enough - you can't expect to have good speed in every seed, so one way of getting enough upload is to seed for a long time. Even slow uploads can accumulate dramatically if you are seeding long enough.

Too few seeds - seed as many as possible. If you have 5 seeds uploading at 10k, you are running at full speed and it is easier than to get 2 seeds to run at 25k each.

Not getting the appropriate seeds - if you want to survive in a ratio system when the environment is not totally suited then you can't just pick any seed you like. A good connection is of course of prime importance but we also have to look into other aspects. Speed is governed by multiple factors - # of seeds and leechers; where they are; their ISPs - all these can affect your speed. You have to be picky with your assignments at the beginning. Speed can only be guaranteed if there are enough seeds/leechers; not to take account of the area and ISP factors, which are also dominant but are not controllable. If you had chosen seeds with more seeds/leechers you probably can upload more and your seeding can last longer. But from you picks, I guess you are only aiming at getting your favourite items and you have not considered their popularity.

Golden seeds - golden seeds is one way to help our members to rectify their ratios. All downloads in a golden seed are free and uploads are counted as usual and it seemed that you have never taken any advantage out of it. The only golden torrent you have downloaded is your first one, and had only been seeding for 10 hours. And after then, you have never tried to seed it again, and probably you have deleted it. At the moment there are still 6 seeds and 3 leechers in that seed, and I am sure you can upload a lot if you persist.

You have been warned by aprilia on 29-4 and you should seek help back then. If you started to correct your strategy then you probably have a ratio above 0.5 now. You missed your golden chance on 1st of May. You are unable to download new torrents because you ratio is below 0.4. We begun to introudce more golden torrents since then and you missed the golden opportunity of getting involved at the early stages, when there were many leechers with few seeds.

At present one dominant factor will be your seeding score. If you have a score of 250 then you can convert it into 5g upload, which can help you to reach a ratio above 0.4. Then you can download a golden torrent with a number of leechers. Since all downloads in a golden torrent are not accoutable you have a good chance of improving your ratio.

If you want us to help you tell us more of your present status, and probably thru' the shoutbox at the main page. Many enthusiastic members are there to help!


So many thanks bigcondor, I think I'm not familiar with the ratio system beforehand.
Thanks so much for your advice and tricks and I now know more about getting higher ratio.

I will change my strategy and keep more seeds and continue seeding no matter how slow the upload speed is....
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